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In order of a business to be successful, it must adhere to certain goals and qualities. These can include providing the best service or products,...

There are many things associated with moving to a new home or office. There’s the hunt for that perfect abode, the struggle linked with carrying...

A home or office removal is made up of two aspects; finding where you want to go and then getting there. You will find that both of these are tough...

We offer a full list of ways to relocate your belongings and will take on any amount of belongings no matter the weight of them or how many...


Utterly brilliant job by the movers at IrelandRemovals, so pleased with everything. Loved how easy it was to book, love that I could pick an appointment time that suited me, and loved how quickly and easily they did the actual removals.

  • Jane Simpson

My band had a big gig coming up, right in the middle of my move. I couldn't divide my attention between both, so I let Removals Ireland handle the removal. They saw to everything while I focused on other matters. They got it done so soon I had plenty of time to practice, something I desperately needed. Both the gig and the move went well, both of which could have been a disaster without their help.

  • Alan F.

Hiring a man and van was proving really difficult for me because of the overwhelming amount of choice that I had! IrelandRemovals, however, really seemed a cut above the rest because of their choice of services and low prices. When I spoke to the staff over the phone I was pleased with their professional manner, and I definitely got professionalism from the man and van that I hired! The mover did a great job at lifting and loading the van and I was able to move in half the time I'd been expecting! Really happy with this service and their low prices as well!

  • Jack Huw

IrelandRemovals's man and van service is just superb. It's really cheap, really easy and so convenient. Especially because I work long hours, sometimes you just don't have the time to cope with demanding moves that are so time consuming. IrelandRemovals impressed me so much and I saved so much time hiring them. So overall, I could not be happier! Thanks so much for your help! It's been really great!

  • G. Harper

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